Listen to “Pure Comedy,” Father John Misty’s Latest Single from His Upcoming New Album, Pure Comedy

Father John Misty surprised us all by announcing that he will have a new album coming out in March. The single is the title track to the upcoming Father John album, Pure Comedy. Listen below to the great tune reminiscent of 70’s era Elton John.



“Run the Jewels 3,” a Hardcore Manifesto from 2016


I never really got into the prior two Run the Jewels albums. They just weren’t my sort of hip-hop to listen to. I have never been a big fan of hardcore anything; hardcore rock, hardcore hip-hop, none of it ever connected with me much.

In 2015 I went to the FYF Music Festival in Los Angeles. Frank Ocean was scheduled to play, but he ended up canceling and Kanye West took his spot. Billed before Kanye was Run the Jewels. A good friend and I wanted to be at the very front for Kanye, so we had been preparing to move up and camp out for Kanye.

We got to see the Run the Jewels show fairly close, their red, flashing LED screens permanently seared on my mind. The show was energetic. The crowd was buzzing. People vibing to the deep bass sound waves, hands thrown up in the air, knees bending up and down. The show didn’t change my mind on Run the Jewels, but it did open my mind up to give them a spin if the time was pertinent.

Run the Jewels performing at the FYF Music Festival in Los Angeles in 2015

Run the Jewels 3 is equally frenetic as their live performances. The hardcore sound that is thematic to any Run the Jewels album is still there. Expect big bass, boom-bap drums and chopped up samples on Run the Jewels 3.

Killer Mike remains political, particularly in a year  he was much more visible in the public eye. Backing Killer Mike’s strong political verses is hype man and producer, El-P. The chemistry between the two remains strong. El-P interjects and phrases at the right times, never awkwardly cutting into Killer Mike or forcibly pushing his presence onto a song El-P remains the modern hype man archetype.

The music and the lyrics come together to create a captivating, political album. Run the Jewels is Killer Mike and El-P continuing their yearly streak of dropping one of hip-hop’s most captivating albums.

Grade: B+

33s, 45s and MP3s Top 25 Albums of 2016

Despite 2016 being a questionable year in more ways than one, it’s undeniable that it was a glorious year in music. We saw great debut introductions from bands such as Whitney and Big Thief, and we received long awaited releases from our longtime favorites such as Radiohead, Frank Ocean and Leonard Cohen.

For this article, we combined forces and put together a list of our favorite records of 2016.

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It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN: The Best 10 Radiohead Songs of All Time

This is the final part of my continuing rollout of the best 50 Radiohead songs. For Part 1, click here. Part 2, here. Part 3, here. Part 4, here.

This is it. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The best 10 Radiohead songs.


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Top 50 Radiohead Songs: Songs 50-41

This is part of my continued rollout of the Top 50 Radiohead songs. For Parts 2, click here.

As promised yesterday, on this here blog, today I will begin presenting the 50 best Radiohead songs.

If you want to know what the methodology was to determine what these best 50 songs are, don’t click on the previous link because you won’t find it there. Instead rely on the fact that all of these rankings were determined by me in the highly precise “Do I like this song better than this song?” method.

Comprising the first batch of my rollout are songs 50-41. These songs consist mainly of songs from the OK Computer era all the way up to the 2016 release of A Moon Shaped Pool. You’ll find the odd song or two before OK Computer but a good batch of these are b-sides to the 1997 highly acclaimed, and until 4 weeks ago supremely despised by me, OK Computer.

That is the sort of methodology that has gotten me to blog about music on a blog read by 5 people, baby!

Without further delay, let us begin.

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Erick Presents: The Top 50 Radiohead Songs

That’s right folks. It is time to present the best 50 Radiohead determined by your one and only trusty source for all things music and life, me. It’s been a long minute since I have last written anything. As a matter of fact, it’s been so long a minute that my last post on this here blog is actually a review of A Moon Shaped Pool, the Radiohead album that was released in early June of this year of 2016. That is why I figured there’d be no better way to get back into the swing of things than by writing another Radiohead related article because, at this point, ideas are incredibly difficult to come by at my place.

The roll down will be presented every day with a batch of 10 songs over the course of the next 5 days. Rollouts are just better when they’re suspenseful.

The rules are fairly simple. All songs must have been released on an official Radiohead release and it has to have the Radiohead moniker attached with it. So that means no “Big Boots,” “Follow Me Around” or really tinny and monotonous Thom Yorke solo projects. This will include everything released up to, and including, A Moon Shaped Pool, which basically leaves us with every release by Radiohead ever.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!