Animal Collective: Marxo-Environmentalists?

The insidious hipster Brooklynists are at it again. The indie psychedelic-pop comrades have released their tenth full-length, Painting With, and as you’re expecting, fellow freedom-seekers, it’s chockfullof their collectivist propaganda.

Brooklyn hipster communist. Pictured here waiting for a package of Molotov cocktails delivered via USPS

Bored of contaminating our water, the Brooklyn trio (I guess one comrade was sent to a gulag. Speak Deakin. Can you read this?) have now moved to taking away the precious body fluids of our children. Underneath the whimsical children’s noises and mentions to dinosaurs is the insidious spread of communist, collectivist propaganda. Second song, “Hocus Pocus,” has a innocent sample that passes by you inconspicuously. “No no dinosaurs are found here.” Innocent enough, right? Or part of the international communist conspiracy to promote preserved dinosaur, Vladimir Lenin?

You decide. Or don’t. That’s exactly what the communists want you to do. They want you to decide.

Radical, leftist eco-terrorists, Animal Collective. Pictured here after bombing an oil well

















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